Thank you for being part of our growing community of contributors!

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1. Register on Journal Gems.  Your default role will be as a “Contributor” – you will be able write and manage posts – but not publish them, until Journal Gems approves your registration and changes your role to that of “Editor”.  This is unfortunately the only way to effectively prevent spam bots and troll posts.  However, Journal Gems will approve all genuine contributors within 24 hours.

2. Login to Journal Gems.

3. Read the Dashboard instructions and click on the “Contribute a Journal Gem” button!


Here are some helpful links for contributing authors:

Search the NLM Catalog for the approved NLM Title Abbreviation of any journal.

Search PubMed for the article and the unique PubMed identifier number (PMID).

Search Google for any additional information needed!

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